We're here to make work more meaningful, rewarding and fun for everyone.

Upward Workshops provide training and consulting including:

Helping you create a great workplace culture, and a cherished, high-performing team.

Your workplace:

But more awesome!


We are lucky enough to work with some global brands, and a great bunch of small and medium-sized businesses. We help businesses of almost all types to grow, and people and teams within any organisational size to flourish – with decades of leadership experience.


Shhh… can we share a secret? We love helping teams thrive – but what we really love isn’t organisations: Our real passion is  people – and helping great businesses like yours cherish people as they do their very best work. Why? Because we think that your people matter.  


We get results. Sounds simple, but when a company or team works with us, we commit to deliver on the outcomes we promise. In a nutshell — we’re confident that our workshops, courses, training and platform get results. Or your money back.


What makes us so effective?

Our Purpose

We’re on a mission to help everyone love where they work, and what they do. Making work more meaningful, rewarding, and fun for everyone. 

We help everyone find

Work that matters

We think everyone can work doing something that matters to them, and connects to a shared purpose of their organisation.

we help everyone unleash

Creative potential

We think every human has unique and intrinsic value – and amazing creative potential, which very often isn’t embraced — or put to work.

we help everyone work with

People who care

We think companies should treat their people like human beings. Cherishing everyone on their team, and offering the right environment, support and rewards. 

we remind everyone therE are

Limitless opportunities

We love to help individuals, teams, and companies remember  — the opportunities to grow, innovate, expand and succeed are often only limited by our perception. 

A people-first company

Get To Know Us.

We’re a small team, based in the UK, who are on a big mission.

Working at Upward Workshops is a whole bunch of passion and fun, we put people first in our organisation – as well as yours. Think you have something you could bring to the team? Drop us an email hi@upwardworkshops.com.


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