6 Reasons Why Star Employees Leave Jobs

More people than ever are considering changing employers this year. The Pandemic has given everyone time to consider what sort of environment they want to work in, and what sort of work they want to be doing. The changing workplace brings opportunities for employers to do the very best for their team members.. ..and get […]

Lead towards fear?

Are you or your team bored or stagnated? 15-20% of people are considering leaving their roles, and March is the busiest time of the year for people to quit. A crucial way to re-engage and boost retention is to create a growth culture. How? Match the skills you have (personally or on your team), to […]

ALL CHANGE: We’re now called Upward Workshops!

Here’s to new beginnings. As of July 2021, we’re becoming Upward Workshops! Due to the huge success of The Upward Course – we’re using the name Upward across the board. Including for our workshops, range of courses and soon to launch employee engagement platform. It’s an exciting time for our brand, and with the new […]