Give your team a head start into the new normal

💪 Three ways to give your team a head start coming out of the toughest, most disruptive time for most employees: 1️⃣ Get everyone together to explore your vision, mission and values: Use an immersive workshop to get everyone involved in what that looks like going forward. 2️⃣ Help everyone on your team to take […]

6 Reasons Why Star Employees Leave Jobs

More people than ever are considering changing employers this year. The Pandemic has given everyone time to consider what sort of environment they want to work in, and what sort of work they want to be doing. The changing workplace brings opportunities for employers to do the very best for their team members.. ..and get […]

What Healthy Conflict Looks Like

A perfect storm for conflict: Zoom fatigue, home schooling, and a long time without proper connection to colleagues. A friend of mine got fired from a customer facing role a few years ago, after having a huge bust up with a colleague in front of a group of customers. For his employer, losing two staff […]

Lead towards fear?

Are you or your team bored or stagnated? 15-20% of people are considering leaving their roles, and March is the busiest time of the year for people to quit. A crucial way to re-engage and boost retention is to create a growth culture. How? Match the skills you have (personally or on your team), to […]

6 team frustrations every small business owner should be confronting

Team performance sorted? Don’t be so sure. Having a high performing team feels like you’re multiplying your time, your leadership and your output. Having a poor performing team is a drain: They suck precious time away from growing your business. It causes friction, wastes time and loses money. Here’s why these frustrations happen – and […]