ALL CHANGE: We’re now called Upward Workshops!

Here’s to new beginnings.

As of July 2021, we’re becoming Upward Workshops! Due to the huge success of The Upward Course – we’re using the name Upward across the board. Including for our workshops, range of courses and soon to launch employee engagement platform.

It’s an exciting time for our brand, and with the new name comes this new website, products, content – – and of course opportunities to celebrate and develop leaders, team members, and brands.

We’re no longer officially Meaning Business Ltd, and have changed our company name to Upward Workshops Ltd.

Our website is changing to http://www.upwardworkshops.com and you’ll be seeing a few tweaks in a branding as we celebrate bringing all of our offerings under this one brand name!

Thanks for being part of the mission to help everyone love where they work, and what they do — Making work more meaningful, rewarding, and fun for everyone.

Ready to discover how we could help you lead your team at full potential? Get in touch today.



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