6 Reasons Why Star Employees Leave Jobs

More people than ever are considering changing employers this year.

The Pandemic has given everyone time to consider what sort of environment they want to work in, and what sort of work they want to be doing.

The changing workplace brings opportunities for employers to do the very best for their team members..

..and get the very best from them in the process!

Great leadership, purpose, competitive pay, and culture all matter more than ever.

But how do you retain the best people within your organisation?

Some clues might lie in why star employees leave jobs.

These 6 reasons can all be preempted by ensuring everyone is valued, cherished, and has an opportunity to grow in their roles.

The COST of losing workers is rising.

It’s a time of huge upheaval in the workplace: The way teams work has changed forever. With hybrid and remote work, employers can attract talent from anywhere. 

Teams who are strongest will perform best as the economy bounces back. Keeping your star employees with you has never been more important. 

What impels employees to quit? HERE’S 6 REASONS: 

  1. They don’t like their boss

    If managers don’t lead well (and obviously if they act like a jerk), great employees will have their eye on alternatives to work for a better boss. 

  2. They don’t see opportunities for growth

    If there’s not a clear pathway for professional develop and promotion, ambitious and high-performing employees will be looking to other employers for growth opportunities. 

  3. They don’t fit the vision and culture

    Employees increasingly expect their work to be meaningful. If they’re not working in a thriving culture, towards a compelling vision and mission – they’ll go and find that elsewhere.

  4. They don’t get acknowledged for their effort

    Without mechanisms to identify, celebrate and reward great performance, high performing team members will feel frustrated and with team morale low, they won’t still around. 

  5. Comparison with contemporaries

    What really affects employee contentment is their sense of how they’re doing compared with other people in their peer group: Offering a worse experience and compensation than competitors no longer cuts it.

  6. They get offered a better gig

    With opportunities to work more flexibly, for more pay, and greater opportunities to grow, what would keep your employees with you if they were offered a job with a competitor?

You can get this post as pretty PDF slides as posted on LinkedIn here …What would you add to this list?



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