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The Authentic Power of Listening.

David spent 10 years on Tony Robbins’ team, before discovering a completely different model of coaching – using the simplicity of listening, and capturing people’s responses on film, which David found was truly transformative. 

We explore David’s own astonishing story, the value of empathy that can only truly be shared by listening, and the power of listening as the world addresses racism and prejudice.


Your only job is to tell better stories

Jeremy Waite is Global Communications Designer at IBM: A storyteller, podcaster, author and Keynote speaker. 

Find out why Jeremy thinks everyone should write a book. How the AI platform IBM Watson saved the lives of Jeremy’s twin daughters “What humans would spent a lifetime to do, Watson can do in one second.” – and hear how Jeremy’s story of success is truly about telling better, more compelling stories.


Thinking differently about growing older

A New York based writer, activist and author around the issue of ageism. Ashton would like us to think differently about growing older.


Ashton’s TED Talk has well over a million and a half views, and her book ‘This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism’ asks why we make the assumption that older people are alike and that ageing impoverishes us.

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The Upward Podcast is the home of purpose-driven business, entrepreneurship and creativity. Each week we bring you inspirational interviews, fresh ideas, and actionable insights – to help you build your purpose-driven business, and create a life of meaning. With your host, Matty Hawthorne.

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Matty Hawthorne

Hi I’m Matty, Host of the Upward Podcast, and Founder here at Upward.

I live in the South of England (but spent many years in Manchester). I’m married to Hannah and have a toddler and an old dog. 

I’ve worked for over 20 years helping thousands of people and businesses grow — and I believe that because every person is hugely valuable, every life should be wonderfully meaningful: When people go to work, they should be working in a culture where they are valued, doing work that matters, with people who care. 

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